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    Lightbulb 1988 sx650 can sombody PLEASE help me??

    I have just purchased 2 1988 Kawasaki sx 650's,, both started and ran ok for a bit,, then one simply wouldn't start, seems when it does start it would be just as you let off the starter button,maby. so knowing nothing I decided to switch electrical parts, starting with the exciter, the normally good starting one didnt start good then wouldnt run long if it did start. so I thought I had something good going on so I put the exciter in the Rarely starting ski and it fired up, seemed to run fine so I shut ot off and now it is hard to start and seems to start just as you let off the start button if at all.. I REALLY would THANK everybody for their help with this as I don't really know a lot about ski's and my GF thinks we need to be on the water ASAP..

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    What happens if you put a teaspoon of fuel down the carburetor throats?

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