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    Need to do a small Gel Coat repair on my Yamaha WaveRaider Purple hull ( Purple Rain)

    How to match the gel coat and where to buy? Did a quick search but could not get any yamaha purple specific info.

    Thanks in advance

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    top, bottom, how big of a area? Is it a scratch, hole, crack?

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    Chunk, about half the size of a dollar bill on the rear where the drain plug attaches. I will be prepping then doing the bulk of the repair with fiberglass then gel coating . IF this is correct process , should I try and tint the gel coat or paint?

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    yes fiber glass it first if its not SMC (sheet molded composite).. get marine tex for the final outer repair,tinting it yourself with gelcoat tint..
    being purple you' ll probly need to custom mix base tint colors of red and blue, then more than likely need to add white to lighten it up...experiment to find the best color by mixing up a small catalized batchs may change color as it hardens!!!

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    Finished up the fiberglass portion of the repair today, is it necessary to marine tex over that? Also, where to purchase the gel coat and tints?

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    you can tint the marine tex and use it as your final coating/surfacer as its a 2 part epoxy perfect for this type of repair..(go online and look for marine tex..good stuff!!!)
    larger marine stores carry it along with the tinting supplys..(these will tint both marine tex and the gel coat)
    West Marine here in Florida carrys them in the same section..

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    I tried the marine tex tinting it with every possible color combo in the kit and could never get it even close
    Ive also asked around about the special purple and best I could do was $300 a gal.
    A pint would touch up what I need to do and look a whole lot better than whats on there now.
    If you find a smaller amount LMK I need some too.

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    I ended up doing the actual repair with fiberglass cloth and resin and vac'ing it. Ordered a repair kit for the gel coat with tints to make the purple from . $29 us with $23 US in shipping!

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    keep us posted
    I couldnt get the color close enough with those kits

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    I found some in quarts but not cheap with all the hardeners etc
    I think a gallon is alot cheaper from another company
    maybe split it with me.

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