Hi guys,
I am totally new to the seadoo world, and my machine is the 2002 Waverunner FX140 4-stroke with the 988 cc's. The guy I bought it from locked the speed at about 65 km/h where it should be doing about 86km/h according to the local dealer. I can't get an answer from the previous owner and the dealer wants me to bring it in so they can look at it but I want to know what I can do. After taking a look at suggestions I'll take it in if I have to but if the previous owner locked it there must be a way to unlock it, right ? Ok, well I will be waiting for any answers , and all answers will be taken into consideration because I really am finding this 65 slow, I know it's a 3-seater but it shouldn't be so slow ! Thanks in advance as I might not be able to thank everyone but I will mention who's answer will have led me to resolve this little issue ! Thanks again !

**I was suggested this post although it is a 4-stroke, not sure why, but I will post in the 4-stroke also**