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    "Unlocking" FX140 speed limit

    Hi guys,
    I am totally new to the seadoo world, and my machine is the 2002 Waverunner FX140 4-stroke with the 988 cc's. The guy I bought it from locked the speed at about 65 km/h where it should be doing about 86km/h according to the local dealer. I can't get an answer from the previous owner and the dealer wants me to bring it in so they can look at it but I want to know what I can do. After taking a look at suggestions I'll take it in if I have to but if the previous owner locked it there must be a way to unlock it, right ? Ok, well I will be waiting for any answers , and all answers will be taken into consideration because I really am finding this 65 slow, I know it's a 3-seater but it shouldn't be so slow ! Thanks in advance as I might not be able to thank everyone but I will mention who's answer will have led me to resolve this little issue ! Thanks again !

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    the only lock i can think of may be a training key instead of the reg key.

    edit** saw seadoo in first line, assumed it was a doo, not sure if yamahas have training keys

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    I've gotten a reply about an L-MODE, orange light meaning its on, green light meaning its off. I'm not with the machine at the moment so I can't check but I will be taking a look at that (L-MODe being Learning Mode). Apparently to take this off, you need a special remote which, of course, I did not receive with the machine (not sure if its supposed to come with it), so I will have to 1-hope the previous owner answers me quick 2-check that out and take it into the dealer.

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    Congrats on the FX-140, now you can get rid of the first half of your screen name.
    Us non-metric U.S. folks my have to have some help converting km/h x .62137= mph.
    So you're going 40 mph max and dealer told you to expect 53 mph?
    Sounds too fast to be in limp mode. I would check air filter and oil level. Probably way over-filled with oil and the filter is bathed in oil. Engine should be good and hot when you check oil level and should measure less than halfway between add and full dipstick lines.

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    The whole thing is covered in oil ! All over the place ! Even the wires have oil on them ! I guess the previous owner filled it too much.

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    You're so new to the PWC world that you're calling your Yamaha a Seadoo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
    You're so new to the PWC world that you're calling your Yamaha a Seadoo...

    "Bilge cleaner" let the fun begin!!!!!
    On another note, I see a lot of fx 140's for rental's on my lake (can always tell by the 1 or 2 numbers on the back) There is a aftermarket govener for that ski which I saw somewhere online that the rental boat owners use sometimes.. However I doubt it's your issue as it sounds like the previous owner was a no maintenance kind of guy and the oil covering everything from air filter to ??? is probably gonna cause problems.. If he wasn't the original owner and it was a rental company owned boat??? Ya never know? Just a thought.... Good luck

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    i don't think the early fx140's came with a remote or a learner mode
    so it is more likely that the issue is oil overfill , causing the air filter to become coated in oil reducing performance
    or worn out impellor

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    Mine has oil all over the inside aswell how do you clean it all out or is that normal I'm a newb aswell

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