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    Novice pwc owner question on Seafoam and carb cleaner spray

    WaveRunner 2002 XLT800

    SeaFoam - I have heard that this is a great product for many reason on cars and boats. For a waverunner that is 2 cycle, should I just follow the instructions and put it in the gas? Is that something that I should do or not do and if I should, should it go anywhere else easy to get to?
    --(some videos and instructions for cars, they are putting it down vacuum tubes, etc.)

    Carb Cleaner spray - I have seen where people rebuild the carbs or clean the carbs and they use the spray. My dumb question is that when I winterized the waverunner, I spray fogging oil in the "carburator silencer cover" might assume that the carburator silencer is connected to the carburator. Can I spray carb cleaner spray in the silencer and if so will it help at all or is it a waste of time?

    Thanks for the responses on the possible dumb questions but I figured it was better to ask than blow something up!

    Thanks guys - Brian

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    Both are essentially a waste of time in my point of view. 2 strokes PWCs are pretty sensitive to air-fuel ratios and adding something to the gas tank that isn't gas somewhat changes the airfuel ratio. Seafoam does have hydrocarbons in it and does burn but its not gas so it'll change the a/f ratio and that can potentially cause problems. Seafoam contains solvent that intended to clean fuel systems and carbon deposits from the combustion chamber. I feel that if your carbs need to be cleaned, then you should rebuild them. And a properly running engine shouldn't carbon up to the point where it needs Seafoam to "fix" it.
    Similarly, spraying carb cleaner down the carb throat does little. It'll help clean the throttle blade if its carboned up and sticky but won't do much more then that.

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    Haven't heard of any big fans of seafoam here on the Hulk.
    +1 regarding what Cutlass passed along on carb spray. Don't think spraying carb cleaner will extend time between carb cleanings.
    As an aside, I would definitely add Stabil blue ethanol treatment to every tank of fuel if you don't fill up with ethanol-free gas.

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    thanks guys

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    40 hrs. this season using sta-bil marine + 92 octane of course.

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    You would think that whatever sea foam uses to clean your engine would break down the 2 stroke oil.just like cutlass said if your carbs are dirty they need to be rebuilt,no such thing as a mechanic in a can.on the contrary I do use seafoam in my car every oil change,but I use it to keep the fuel system clean,which is a bit more complex on a fuel injected car.the best way to keep your carbs clean is to use the ethanol treatment like everyone else says and don't let it sit for long periods without running

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    Seafoam claims to help with ethanol as well. I've used it pretty much my whole life in two stroke premix boats. Never had any issues. I have some in my current tank to help with the last little bit of old gas that I couldn't get out to help with any water issues. I'll let ya know if I have any issues.

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