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    wave blaster fuel line/tank vent routing

    I have a 94 wave blaster that is completely stock that has some fuel issues im trying to figure out. Let me start out saying that i have gone through and replaced all fuel lines and replaced the carb with a factory carb-choke with primer. I have noticed that no matter what I do as far as jetting, it always runs exactly the same and the plugs will not come out any richer, no matter how big of jets I put in it. Like wise, I notice that it occasionaly lags a hair during hard accelerations out of the hole, and, if i hold it wot for a while it slows down and will bog until I let off for about 30 seconds, then comes back to life. It is occasionaly hard to start as well when hot, but will always fire off with a little gas. My though is that it is fuel starvation, but i cant figure out the venting system. Is there no fuel/water seperator on these skis? I have a filter on it but the closest thing to a seperator is bolted above the tank and is plummed into the breather tube, which then runs to a black rubber boot under the seat. Is this plummed right? Or is this the handy work of someone else? also, all of the ignition - the stator has been replaced.

    any thoughts?

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    You need to check for air leaks in the fuel system. Pull the return line off the carb, plug the nipple on the carb with your finger, and blow into the return line hose. The fuel tank should inflate slightly and hold pressure. Hold the return line closed with your other hand and make sure its not leaking anywhere.

    About the venting system: It should go from the rubber boot under your seat, into the seperator, out the seperator through a one-way valve, and into the fuel tank. The idea is that air can only go into the tank and not escape out, hence the one-way. Make sure the arrow on the one-way points towards the fuel tank. To test it, just disconnect it from the seperator and blow in it. Blow through it the other way too, you should not be able to do it.

    IMO, your symptoms sound like its running a little lean on top. I would come out a little on your high speed adjuster and see if that problem goes away. You should not have to rejet your carb if everything is stock, just keep the factory jetting.

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    i think you just hit the nail on the head, i dont remember putting a check valve back in the vent hose..........ill check when i get home. Also, i agree it sounds like it lean, but its not jetting, ive put the next 3 sizes up of jets with the screws all the way out and it ALWAYS runs the same, so there is something elese preventing it from getting fuel........will do more diggin when i get home

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