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    96 seadoo xp troubles

    I am new to jet skis. I owned a seadoo sportster for a while but have not had any skis until recently. Well I bought a 96 xp. Did all the recommended pre buy checks. Compression is 160 in both cylinders i believe was what I got. It was spot on. It was checked with several gauges and all where the same. I had the fuel lines replaced and I had the carbs cleaned. It was having a bit of trouble starting prior to this. Once that was done it seemed to fire much better. Now it sat for two weeks as I went on vacation, and I am having trouble starting it again. It will fire if I play with the choke and gas a while and I can run it if i play with the throttle but it dies after about 15 seconds or so. I am not sure what it could be. Fuel selector valve was also changed. I feel like it has to be getting fuel at this point but i can't be too certain. I was curious if you guys thought it was the mpem or something electrical. I am handy but I hate digging into things with no idea or without someone who has done the project before. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    I should give more info.
    Its a 787 engine.
    It turns over strong and the battery is charged.
    When it does start it smokes heavily (all 2 strokes smoke but not sure this much).

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