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    Help with 1996 xp

    I am new to jet skis. I owned a seadoo sportster for a while but have not had any skis until recently. Well I bought a 96 xp. Did all the recommended pre buy checks. Compression is 160 in both cylinders i believe was what I got. It was spot on. It was checked with several gauges and all where the same. I had the fuel lines replaced and I had the carbs cleaned. It was having a bit of trouble starting prior to this. Once that was done it seemed to fire much better. Now it sat for two weeks as I went on vacation, and I am having trouble starting it again. It will fire if I play with the choke and gas a while and I can run it if i play with the throttle but it dies after about 15 seconds or so. I am not sure what it could be. Fuel selector valve was also changed. I feel like it has to be getting fuel at this point but i can't be too certain. I was curious if you guys thought it was the mpem or something electrical. I am handy but I hate digging into things with no idea or without someone who has done the project before. Any ideas would be appreciated. Its a 787 engine. Cranks strong. Also when it does start I am thinking it is smoking more than normal. Thanks for the replies.

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    The smoke off the start is a good thing, means your getting oil. Try to hook a volt meter up to the battery before you start it, and monitor the voltage if its slowly dropping you may have a bad stator. The electrical system is very basic as long as the components are funtioning properly... When they fail each has its own way of being tested. BTW i do not believe that its you MPEM.

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    its not an mpem problem. you could have debris in the new fuel lines that plugged the screens. it happens. it happened to me. however, does it just crank and crank then slowly come to life? once you get it started does it fire every time or does it still crank and crank? when its running does it idle or does it die?
    with the above statements I would think that I would ask who ever did your fuel line replacement if the cleaned the carb screens and if they replaced the needle and seats in the carbs. when the needle and seats are not replaced and just cleaned they have a tendancy to stick and thus the reason that it just cranks and cranks. if it starts and does not idle, your throttle cable needs adjusted and your idle reset.

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