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    hull repair (gel coat)

    Well thats the only picture i have really of the bottom. It can fly! lol anyways does anyone know how i should go about repairing what looks like a scratch that got to the fiberglass so it only took out the gel coat? It goes down almost the entire length of the craft.

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    marine tex , which is whitish grey. then spray paint with glossy black appliance epoxy spray paint like from home depot.
    this is the cheapest fix. a true gel coat repair by a professional will cost 100's.
    you can do gelocoat yourself but it ont look any better than the repair i spoke of initially, and is harder to work with.
    look up epoxy or marine tex on this website. its been discussed before.
    i did this on my 2003 gtxsc with black hull and it looked as good as original and lasted for years.

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    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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    I disagree; gel coat is not that hard to work with. You just need to get set up with the proper materials, which are not cheap, but once you do you can fix anything that happens from that point forward. For a bottom scratch, thickened gel coat paste is super simple to use, just takes some practice, and it will blend great with the black gel coat of your ski. Basically, you can buy a quart of black gel coat directly from the supplier that Sea Doo uses (GelCote Intl) for 90 bucks, then get a tube of MEKP (hardener, about 2 bucks) and a tub of Cabosil (thickener, about 20 bucks). The quarts from GelCote come with wax already, so you don't worry about top coating with PVA or any of that nonsense. They say the shelf life of gel coat is 6-12 months, but I keep it in the refrigerator and it will last several years. This amount of stuff will be enough for a few years of dings and gouges on your ski.

    You mix up a small amount of gel coat with the thickener, add a few drops of hardener, mix well, then just squeegee into the gouge. Don't worry about getting it perfectly level with the surface on the first coat. Let cure, sand lightly with 400 grit and acetone to remove the wax, then do a second coat, repeat as necessary to get the gouge perfectly level. For a final coat, just mix up the gel coat with hardener, no thickener, and squeegee a light coat over the gouged area. Wet sand the area in staged grits, 400, 600, 1200 and buff out with rubbing compound and polishing compound. You won't see where you had the gouge; it will look like new.

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