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    Blew motor - need help


    So I blew my motor and want to know your opinions on what to do.

    Ill attach pictures tomorrow morning.
    The ski was a 05 gp1300r.

    Basically the case, crank, and second cylinder are done for

    The way I see it I have 4 options,

    1) sbt - 2 year warenty - 1800k - not sure what extra they will charge - maybe up to 4k??
    2) use one Yamaha parts to fix it - possible 5k when all said and done? - no warenty
    3) new oem Yamaha engine - 6k no warenty
    4) new ski 13 k haha

    Am I looking at this the right way?

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    5) sell it to me?

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    Conversion ski???

    Buy cases through site rebuild?

    Post see if the cases are really done possible fix and have someone like water woody do a big bore to 1390 ski..

    I would be confident to say not to buy a sbt motor or one from yamaha..

    Or part it out take money spend the extra couple thousand you would and buy one from site that's already done up and ready to ride

    Just thoughts that came to mind

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    Cylinder isn't done for, it's only $320ish to replate and get the base turned at Millennium Technologies.

    Damn that #2 looks super dry.

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    Where are you located? You could send it to Ben Herman to build you a monster!

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    Long Island NY

    Im not against rebuilding against spending anywhere above 4500 on anything to get it up and running...

    Anything over 4500 I might as well buy a FZR

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdgod View Post
    5) sell it to me?
    How much you willing to pay?

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    seriously , if you decide to part it out, i will buy the two remaining good cylinders. let me know.

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