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Thread: New to FZR

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    Post New to FZR

    Hi guys.. I just bought 2009 FZR with 18hours on it and with 1year warranty.

    I'm about to mod my ski and need help with that!

    I was thinking of this kind of set:

    R&D Intake Grate
    Ribbon Delete
    Air Intake (Riva or R&D)
    Exhaust (Riva Free-Flow)

    What do you guys think, how much this would make difference in perdormance over stock..?

    Is it worth the extra money to put also the air intake and free flow exhaust or would i be happy with just intake grate and ribbon delete?

    My goal is fast acceleration, not the top speed!

    Thanks in advance.

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    You're on the right track with all that stuff; I would start with the R&D Intake Grate for safety first, add a ppk and next look into Jim's modified VX ride plate and the others you mentioned, maybe a prop tweak and reflash depending on your goals. The FZ's respond very quickly to mods, welcome to the forum.

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    Congratulations on the FZR !!!!!

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    Your on the right track!

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    Congrats and welcome!

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    Good list but just keep in mind, you will probably be on or very close to the stock rev limiter with those mods. Consider going with a re-flash...which one depends on your long term goals.

    Also don't be so quick to swap props. Some guys swap and play with props every time they add a mod. I am of the thinking that waiting until you are done your speed mods before choosing and experimenting with different props and pitches is the way to go. As you can see in my sig, even with all my mods, I'm still running almost 82 with the stock prop and pitch. Is there more speed in my ski with a better prop and pitch for my mods, sure....however I'm still researching and will end up probably only having to buy one prop and that be it, instead of pulling and swapping props every other day....Just my .02
    Good luck!

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    Look at this thread for your free flow exhaust

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    That is a good starting point. If low end hook up and acceleration is more important to you than all out top speed, then you definitely want the ribbon delete and cold air intake at a minimum. The engine has to breath in order to make power so running a system with less restriction is good. I have run both the R&D and Rive CAI and both work well so it is your call. Same thing with the ribbon delete, I have 2 FZR's one has a riva and the other has the R&D manifold core and both work well so again, your call. I personally favor the Riva through hull exhaust. It is extra coin but worth the coin as far as sound goes especially with their waterbox. The FF exhaust works nice to eliminate some weight and reduce that cluster in the rear of the ski but it has this drone in the 3500-6500 rpm range that is tolerable but I think it has something to do with the way the harmonics reverberate in the pump area in that range but once you pass 6500, it smooths out and goes away and it sounds good on top but not as good as the through hull with or without a modified box.

    If accelleration is important to you, you are going to want to eliminate that pump cavitation it has. There are several ways to do it. The most expensive way is to replace the pump completely. There are several ways to do that. You can get a Skat 8 wein with the 160mm ring and prop setup. I saw a guy selling one brand new for around $1600. You can wait for the R&D 14 vein release or you can do the seadoo conversion. Those are good choices for higher HP machines. If you want to go the less radical route, you can pick up an R&D anti-cav cone or you can grab the TBM cone. I personally have not tried the TBM but I hear it works good in the FZR's. My buddy picked one up for his VXR and neither of us were impressed with it. It does cavitate less than stock but it still bumps of the limiter 3-4 times before hooking up. He also put a 13/19 pro pitch skat in there as well and I think the prop has more to do with it than the cone. The FZR pump and venturi nozzle setup is different than the VXR so the TBM may work better in that situation but I have not tried it.

    I will tell you this, one of the FZR's I have has the R&D CAI, R3 reflash, C1 wheel, Tial 50mm BOV, intercooler CFM kit with dedicated water line, Riva FF exhaust, R&D aquavein intake, R&D ride plate, R&D anti-cav cone and R&D 13/23 Pro Pitch repitched to 13/21 and with my 195lb ass on it, it doesn't cavitate a bit on take off and I am a stickler on cavitation. That stuff drives me nuts. If you are planning to stay with the stock SC wheel, you may be able to get away with repitching the stocker but the root angle and setback design of the pro pitch series plays a big part on the low end hook up.

    Now if you start to step up the boost past 11lbs. with that same setup, the cavitation starts to show up again. Last year my other ski with the C3 wheel with the same 13/23 pro pitch not tweaked at all would cavitate a little on take off. It would bouce off the limiter a few times and then hook up. I also had a few other mods on the ski such as the R&D Pro IC, Riva through hull exhaust with mod waterbox and a couple other things. Then I stepped up to RC2 cams and gears and it got worse. Now I stepped up to the R&D 1.9l big bore, 5 angle valve grind and a few other mods and the new 14/24 Pro pitch I put in cavitates twice as bad even with the more aggressive pitch so I will be going with the R&D 14 vein pump when it is released. I can't stand the cavitation but I also have way too much power for the stock pump to handle without some cavitation regardless of what I do with it and if there is a fix for the stock pump, I haven't found it yet. I don't even think the TBM cone will help the stock pump even at this point. I haven't tried it so I can't be sure but I would rather put the $500 into a pump rather than trying to crutch this stock pump any more than it already is.

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    Thank you for very good info everyone!

    I forgot to mention that i'm looking to spend around 1000$ on mods and i really would like that every mod i do, i can undo!
    So that's why the rear exhaust is out of my to do list!

    And the top speed is not so important so i dont think the ride plate will be on my mod list. Right?

    I think i will add the ppk and pump cone to my shopping cart and that's it for now!

    All this would be 845$ total vs. 1445$ on Stage 1 kit which includes all the same things + impeller and ride plate..

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    Just curious, who is providing the 1 year warranty on your 2009 FZ?
    is that Yamaha Y.E.S. or another provider...

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