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    Anyone Have Feedback on the R&D Pro2 for an RXP 215?

    I'm looking for a replacement for the Riva grate on my stage 2 '05 RXP. Looking for better low end acceleration and hookup in the chop. I'm thinking about going with the R&D Pro2 grate with the girdle kit. It looks quite a bit deeper and more agressive than the regular R&D grate. Anyone have any feedback on this grate, especially compared to the Riva? What exactly does the girdle kit do and is it required? I'm sure the ski would only do around 75 tops with this grate; would there be any possible issues with overstuffing?


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    For hookup, low end and better chop performance you cant beat the worx intake grate.

    Stuffing on the 215 hull is not an issue at your speeds.


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