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    New user questions

    So, after a ton of research I decided to buy an RPX-X 260. I'm headed to the dealer tomorrow to pick it up since they didn't have any in stock and had to go get one. I've never owned a pwc before and I'm not very mechanically inclined. From what I'm reading I should make sure the dealer adjusts the prop correctly during delivery correct? I have also looked everywhere and I know it's not ideal but is it even possible to pull a tube or skier behind this thing? I will be looking to mod and upgrade in the future but especially early on is there anything I will just absolutely need right away? I've heard the step is nice and a bilge pump is a must have but I'm pretty lost to be honest.

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    A builge should be a must have!!! Not sure about the rules in your state so you might want to check but usually you can't pull anyone behind a 2 seat craft, check first.... As far as the prop, nothing really for a dealer to adjust. It should be installed from the factory.

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    Dude, first congratulations. The RXP-X is a lot of ski for a newbie. Be very careful until you get comfortable. If you aren't mechanically inclined, get the extended warranty. You can easily pull a tube or ski behind this, you just can't do it legally. The ski is a 2-seater and you need a 3-seater to tow. One seat for the driver, one for the spotter and one for the skier. The dealer is supposed to complete a BRP checklist before delivery. Make sure they actually do it, not just pencil whip it.

    Wait until the warranty is up to mod it. Many mods will void the warranty. Any supercharger mods will reduce engine life. That ski is a screamer. I can't imagine you will want to mod it after you get through the 10 hour break-in and see what it can really do.

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    IMO you should get the rxt-x so you can pull a tube!
    It can be an expensive ticket... and RXTX is plenty fast

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