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    Wear ring question

    OEM vs after market???
    Is OEM the way to go or can I pick up any after market on Ebay??

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    There are many opinions all different ways, I would say own as that's still what im running, but I will go to a stainless ring at the next changeout...

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    oem!! do not use SBT's wear rings there junk. and ebay just be careful the stainless depends where u ride if u ride where u can suck up alot of stuff or not, there nice but other wise they can mess up your prop and ring then out 300$ if u suck something up.. but its all preference youll see alot of people will chime in for sure i use the oem one now and like it.

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    Buy two of the oem and keep one on the shelf.
    Cheap and easy to replace if a rock is sucked up.
    A stainless unit will not give, so the shock is absorbed by the expensive components!

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    Rec-any or OEM.

    I tested all.
    OEM is the hardest plastic.
    WSM is good cheap.

    I got a new ST for sale. New RXPX boat didn't need.

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    Thanks guys! I'll stick with the OEM.
    Now I just need to figure out my prop situation.
    Help appreciated

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    Jerry: "get a SS and don't look back"

    Ive had my SS for 225hrs now

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