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Thread: 1200 Engine

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    1200 Engine

    I have a spare 1200 from the '00 Genesis I parted out a few months ago. Compression checks out at (M-C-P) 124-125-122. The bore on the MAG had some slight vertical scoring on the intake side. By the numbers, it doesn't appear to be affecting compression, but I want to make sure any buyer knows it's there. I didn't see anything on the PTO. You could probably do a hone and rering and get the compression up to the other two. (I'd probably just run it like it is if I were using it.)

    This is from a fuel injected machine so you'll have to tap the pulse fittings if you use it on a carb'd ski. There are directions somewhere here on the site. It's pretty easy.

    I am selling the the stripped block/jugs only - no intake, exhaust, mag housing, starter, or anything else. I need to keep it as light and small as possible.

    Asking $700 + shipping from TX.

    PM me as I don't check classifieds every day because the new forum layout.
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    Compression - MAG to PTO:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    "Wash" (I know this doesn't mean as much on a DI, but it shows you it was running properly.)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bump before it goes to ebay!

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    I like pipes. I love boost Mr. GP1800's Avatar
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    Come on guys......Great deal!!!!!!!!

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    Polarisitis loonatik's Avatar
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    Surprise noone jumps on this ... so much talk about going big
    Free bump

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    Quote Originally Posted by loonatik View Post
    Surprise noone jumps on this ... so much talk about going big
    Free bump
    where at in tx ?

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    If you want to part the motor...I would be interested in the best cylinder piston set.....i'll pm you on the slth stuff when I get back from my kids hockey

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    No going to part this one. I know it'll sell if I put it in Ebay....just been too busy lately.

    Edit: I already have a box that'll be perfect for it if I do have to ship it!

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    Just found out motor blown on my 02 Virage TXI- assume this engine would fit? Sorry not motor guy, would have to have mechanic do

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