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    Metal In oil filter!! What to do now...

    Just signed up but I have been reading on here for a long time and now I have an issue.

    2006 rxt 40hrs. Bought last year from friend knowing it had an issue of some sort he needed money. Well after changing oil sensors (hoping for easy fix) which did nothing we finally started digging deeper and there is metal in oil filter. By reading on here I am guessing SC washers let go and tore up oil pumps along way? Seems fairly common with factory ceramic washers.

    So what should I do next. Shop says $4000 for new engine installed which seems like a big 1st step to me.

    What are odds I can rebuild SC and install new oil pumps and there will be minimal other damage? Seems like that could be done for $1000ish maybe? Or does SC failure typically damage more than this? Any other suggestions/ideas? I know it's a long shot just hoping for a little advice I don't know much about pwc engines.

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    Sometimes you can get away with changing the filter and pumps but without knowing exactly what happend it could be a ticking time bomb. You just don't know what could have got into the engine.

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    Welcome to Greenhulk! The best thing to do is to pull the engine and completely disassemble and inspect to see what is wrong. If it was a washer failure and it wasn't run too long, you might get away with a good cleanout, new bearings, new timing chain, new gaskets, new oil pumps, new stretch bolts, rebuilt SC, etc, all which will set you back for about $1,300 or so.

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    You should really verify that your SC let go. Have you done that? If it's blown, you'll be able to easily spin the shaft while it's still installed.

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    I will check before we do anything else. thanks

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    pull the intake boot off the charger and try to spin the charger impeller by hand. (engine off) and report back.

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    Is it copper or silver metal? If its copper, it's a spun bearing. If the other, sc.

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    How much metal in the filter?
    Some metal pieces could be in there from the manufacturer but a lot of metal you need to pull the motor and check the internal screens on each oil pump.
    If the oil pump screens are showing more metal keep digging til you find where it came from.

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    i have the exact same problem on my 2007 rxt... super charger bearing went... metal worked its way into the engine... the dealer now suggest new engine!! only 106 hrs on the vessel!!

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    This has inspired me to rebuild my sc every 80 hours, I don't ever want to have to deal with this

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