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    High rpm problem

    I have a 96 xls 780 it ran great for 2 and a half years then just like that it started boggind at about 3/4 throttle I've rebuilt the carbs got a new fuel pump and recently I took the hole motor out to check every thing over. Took the cover off the stated it had some brown milks looking liquid on it cleaned it up put new starter in put motor back in and it still does the exact sale thing I'm getting frustrated I do not want to pay someone a lot of money to diagnose the problem sence I only paid 800 for it any help would be much appreciated

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    So there was a brown milky liquid inside the stator housing?????? Sounds like the crank seal is leaking.

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    Yes I've replaced the seal but not the problem could it have effected the stater and would it make it bog at higher rpm by the way it fires right up and isles great

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    I had the same problem it ended up that the stator was bad only i didnt relize i needed to replace the seal and now I have to pull it all apart again....

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    Have you tried unplugging the MFD? Running without it will yell you if it is giving you any problems

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    No I haven't tried unplugging the mfd and how much is a stator

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    Before the problem the fuse for the mfd had blown I don't know if that makes a difference

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