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    Ultra 150 loaded with 2 stroke oil

    Well, I bought this ski and a polaris on a trailer for $2500. Both not running. I tried to start the Kawi and it acted like the starter was dragging or the engine was hydrolocked. Pulled the plugs and hit the starter and 2 stroke oil shot out like a volcano. Turns out that all the neeldles in the carb were stuck closed. Cleaned and the carbs, and finally got the thing running after many bouts of pulling plugs to get oil out of cylinders and running starter. Problem is, oil is all up in the exhaust. I've run the bike with water hose attached and am trying to flush like that. I'm afraid I'm going to ruin the stuffing box bearings and or the raw water cooling pump. I'm not new to boat, but new to PWCs. Any advise on how not to ruin the bike, nor leave a rainbow behind me when I put in for the first time would be greatly appreciated. Am I harming the bike by running it out of the water and reving it to evacuate the oil from the exhaust? Any technique for flushing oil out of the exhaust?


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    It's a two stroke, its supposed to have oil in the exhaust. Look over your oil and fuel lines and take her for a spin.

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    It's probably gonna leave a rainbow for a few minutes. It won't hurt it to run it on the hose, BUT, make sure you do it correctly! NEVER allow the water to run if the engine is not running. Start the engine, THEN turn on the water. Turn off the water, THEN shut off the engine. You can safely run the engine about 15 seconds without water.

    Plan to replace the oil lines with polyurethane hose. Secure them with stainless steel safety wire. Do NOT mix up the hoses, they go to specific points on the engine!

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