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    2008 Kawasaki 800 SX-R starter issue

    When I press the start button the motor will turn over two or three times but then stops turning over like the battery is dead. I charged the battery, same issue. I bought a new battery and the same thing would happen, only this time after turning the engine over a few times I noticed smoke coming out of the engine compartment. I looked at the battery and the positive post on the battery was completely melted, the metal post got so hot it turned to molten. I checked all of cables for a short and they are all good.

    When the engine stops turning over I can still hear current flowing, humming sound. I suspected the starter was getting jammed so I took off the exhaust manifold and removed the starter. This is where I need help. When I rotate the starter shaft by hand, it is not smooth, it is almost like it’s grinding when it spins. I assume that it is supposed to spin smooth… Do I need a new started or can I rebuild this one? Or is it not a starter issue at all?

    Any thoughts?

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    Sounds like the impeller was dragging on the housing, overloading the starter.

    Open up the starter and take a look. You can buy rebuild kits on Ebay (I've bought several and one of the bearings is always the wrong size). But you can replace the brushes & seals, and clean the commutator.

    If the commutator is burned, buy a new starter.

    Try removing the spark plugs and spinning the engine by hand to see if the engine/pump is binding.

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