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    Water in 1 cylinder, light mist from plug, will not run.

    Turns out I failed to tighten the top gasket enough the top of the exhaust pipe (the tallest part on the engine) so when I pressurized the cooling system, I got a nice small stream around that gasket.

    Ran back to the water turned it off and the ski stalled. Pulled plugs cranked the motor, little water is coming out of the front spark plug.

    Its my understanding I should:

    1. Remove engine drain plugs (this will dump oil right?)
    2. Crank the engine 10 seconds on 30 off until no water is coming out of the engine
    3. Replace the drain plugs + locktight
    4. WD40 the plugs

    I just want to make sure that there is not going to be damage down the road.

    Is there something else I should be doing, do I have to pull the motor again and rebuild parts? We are going on a trip here in 1.5 weeks and would like to take this ski.

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    First what motor is this, second how did the water from the exhaust get in your motor? Went in the carbs? Basically since its fresh water, crank with the plugs out till no more water comes out, spray fogging oil in motor, run the motor to get rid of moisture. This all must be done asap before rust sets in.

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