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    Outta money, outta time, almost outta my mind.....any help appreciated...

    I have a Polaris Virage that has a history of not running long each summer without needed something that typically costs big bucks, which this summer I don't have much of beyond the price of gas to ride my kids a little on the thing. I am a tad above avg mechanic, but this is not my sons XR 80 Honda in front of me's actually a 2002 model, even though video will say 2009. Surging is the big problem. Only half throttle is attainable, push beyond that and it will bog down. Have new gas in tank, checked plugs, but not sure where to go from here really but would like to know if I can try something beyond $ to shop at this point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. Here is the YouTube link to HEAR the problem.....I know it's a long shot but thought I would give it a try...thanks

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    i'm guessing its carbed??replace all the grey fuel line one at a time, they're notorious for having a chemical reaction with the ethanol in gas.

    open up the carb and clean it up,pay attention to the screen on the back side of the metering block, the residue from the fuel lines will clog up the screen and not allow enough gas for it to run any more rpm then what your getting

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