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    Replaced starter on 97 SPX800 and now fast clicking noise coming from electrical box?

    So, I just got a new (or rather, used, verified good) 800 starter from a 97 XP800 and connected it to my ski, red wire, ground, etc, all where it was with the old starter.

    When I first connected the battery up and hit the start button a very fast clicking noise came from the electrical box. I let go, pushed the starter again, tried this a few times and the sound kept coming out but after the third or fourth try it slowed down and then stopped and then the ski just 'BEEPED' once. I checked the voltage on the battery while doing this and it still drops to 8.5 or so even though the starter isn't doing anything. Once I let it sit for 15 minutes or and went back down and pressing the start button again triggers the fast clicking from the electrical box.

    So, I tried jumping the starter with the posts on the starter relay and got 1 arc puff, and nothing happened (no noise from the starter or the electrical box or anything else).

    Now when I hit the start button nothing happens, I just get the 1 beep. The battery voltage is still at 12.6 or so. I'm at a loss now, does anyone have any idea as to where I should go from here? Edit: This only happens if I keep trying to start it for awhile then it eventually beeps. Otherwise if I only try a couple times then come back later it just clicks, no beep.

    Edit: I suppose I should provide a tiny bit of background - I was troubleshooting a starter issue on my ski and after checking various things I took the starter out and one of the magnets on the yoke assembly was broken in half and fallen off. So I just ordered a verified good OEM starter from a 97 XP800 and it arrived yesterday. I reattached this one today, connected the red cable to the post on the side, black cable to one of the mounting bolts on the block that holds the starter on, then connected up the red and black battery cables. Tested battery voltage, 12.68, connected key, hit starter, fast repetitive clicking noise from electrical box. Hit starter again, same thing, again same thing. Checked voltage on battery while I hit starter, drops from 12.6 to 8.5 - but no sound from starter, clicking was definitely coming from electrical box. After a couple more tries, the clicking slows down then stops and I just get a beep.

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    If you hear no clicks, and tried jumping the posts and nothing happened. Then you might have a bad starter selenoid, or you have something disconected or conncted wrong....

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    Charge that battery, first....

    When you get the fast clicking is it coming from that starter solenoid???

    If you jump the solenoid posts (you are bypasssing the solenoid) and if you get nothing turning over and you still have a voltage drop to 8.6 volts..

    Then replace you verified good starter...

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    I was afraid of that. I'm going to charge the battery to max again just to be 100% sure but I'm pretty sure the 'verified good starter' isn't actually good.

    I just jumped the solenoid posts, this time for a good 6-7 seconds, and I could hear the absolute faintest sound coming from the starter. I can't even really describe the sound, like a very very faint 'clunk' sound. If I could describe a clunk sound as a 'whisper', thats what this would have sounded like.

    So, after charging the battery tomorrow I will try again and then contact the seller of the starter.

    Just to be sure, is there a way to *safely* test the starter out of the ski to see if it turns at all? Can I just lay it on top of the engine, connected to the battery, and press the start button on the ski to see what happens?

    Edit: And yes the fast clicking is definitely coming from the solenoid (or something in that electrical box but not sure what else in there could even make that noise!

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    Ok I charged the battery for a good 6 hours or so, tried again, same thing (fast clicking noise from solenoid). Jump the starter posts, same thing (nothing). I'm really confused by the solenoid noise, so I made a quick 7 second audio clip of the sound it makes when I push the start button (the sound doesn't start until about halfway through the 7 second clip). It's definitely coming from the electrical box/solenoid (I had the box removed partially which is why it's so loud). Does anyone know if a 'bad starter' would cause this sound to come through the solenoid?

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    Take your starter connect a pair if jumper cables to your car battery.. Connect the other positive jumper cable lead to the starter post.. Stand on the starter and slap the other negitive jumper cable againest the starter housing..

    Not sure what is so hard to beleive - the guy took you.. File a complaint and send it back..

    Get yours rebuilt or by a NEW rebuilt one..

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    Oh I definitely believe that the starter is bad and I already contacted the shop I bought the replacement from (via ebay motors). They're shipping me out another one tomorrow - told me to just keep this one. They said they test each one before they ship, but not inside a ski, so either they lied (definitely possible) or the starter is too weak to turn the motor but turns fine not connected to anything. I'll definitely test this one with the jumper cables when I pull it back out to see what happens.

    Mainly I was just really concerned about the sound coming from the starter solenoid - I can't find anything about that kind of sound when googling so I wasn't sure if something else might also be wrong.

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    I hope you didnt waste your money on an aqua torque or new unit from some ebay shop. The BEST starters are oem denso starters. I would take a used Denso over any new ebay starter.

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    No I bought a non-refurbished OEM starter off of a 97 XP800 (was only $50). The shop is just sending me another starter off an XP800.

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    Locked up bendix or motor

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