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    World Finals Havasu 2012...who's going?

    Looks like I'll probably be going this year. Wondering if there are any group rides....I think Ive seen that there have been some in the past?


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    I am there every year. even if it is a 6 hour drive just watch others ride

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    <<<<<<<<-------- He is. I will be bringing my LX also to do some rec riding. I will be there for the whole week.

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    I will be going this year you taking the ski blktrbo?

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    thinking about it, depends on personal schedule and the dates etc.

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    Dates are sept 29 - Oct 7

    So far I plan on going Sat and sun (Oct 6 and 7), and taking my ski as long as it's running fine. Also, I have a friend from Baltimore who's supposed to coming and bringing his $17k race stand-up ski that he just bought. Plus I'd like to join in the river cruises. I've only been to the finals twice, doing sunday only and always stayed on land those trips. Never cruised around the water on finals weekend before.

    Rooms should be booked early for those out of town. I glanced a couple of weeks ago and it looked like stuff was getting booked.

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    I'm in Thurs-Sun.

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    We will be there Thurs-Sunday also !!

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    99.999% sure I can make it this year Fri-Sun.... LOL.... There's a 001% chance though!

    BLKturbo, i'm not sure if i'm bringing the ski or not. Sometimes they get in the way. Me, IEGPR, Hydrotoys, 04GTXSC will be at the condo in the channel.

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    Bump - getting closer

    I just booked a room for a buddy and myself for fri, sat and sun night at the Island Inn. Only $66 per night, whoo hoo Still wondering if I'll bring my ski. I'm all up for bringing it places, but not sure if I want to babysit it that long....and I certainly dont prefer to yank it all around town for 3 days while not in the water. Furthermore, my friend wont have a ski, unless its his stand-up (might get it shipped from Baltimore in a truck with a racer from his neighborhood), which is not a good pair with a couch :/


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