Ok, so iam new to PWC's. I have worked on motorcycle and UTV for a while, but never anything this involved. I have a Yamaha 1200 XL Ltd

Just got the ski home and here are some pics.


Bad Piston is the #3, the one at the rear. Whats your thoughts on the other 2?

Is the head ok to use?

I noticed below the pistons 1 and 2 there is a oil in the bottom of the crank case. Below #3 it is bone dry.

What should I do? I want a good reliable ski for family fun.

I am going to pull the crank case out tomorrow.

My plan is to split the case and look at the crank. I am hoping the crank is good and I just have to replace the #3 piston rod, bearings etc.

I am going to see if I can bore the #3 cylinder out and just sleeve that or I might just do all three.

Since I am this deep I am going to replace all pistons.

Replace Powervalves, install waveeaters

Oil mix cut off- Going to premix

D-plate, can some explain where that goes?

Can that head be reused?

Please give me your Opinions....