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    Need help with blown engine

    I have worked on motorcycles a bunch, but nothing ever this involved. I would love some recomendations.

    Let the rebuild begin. Just got the ski home and here are some pics.


    Bad Piston is the #3, the one at the rear. Whats your thoughts on the other 2?

    Is the head ok to use?

    I noticed below the pistons 1 and 2 there is a oil in the bottom of the crank case. Below #3 it is bone dry.

    What should I do? I want a good reliable ski for family fun.

    I am going to pull the crank case out tomorrow.

    My plan is to split the case and look at the crank. I am hoping the crank is good and I just have to replace the #3 piston rod, bearings etc.

    I am going to see if I can bore the #3 cylinder out and just sleeve that or I might just do all three.

    Since I am this deep I am going to replace all pistons.

    Replace Powervalves, install waveeaters

    Oil mix cut off- Going to premix

    D-plate, can some explain where that goes?

    Can that head be reused?

    Please give me your Opinions....

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    the D-Plate goes in the catalytic converter chamber. google the riva installation instructions.

    The way I have inspected pistons is just look at them under a magnifying glass for burrs and i drag my finger nail across them. If i catch anything then i dont reuse them. I wouldnt sleeve the cylinders unless you absolutely have to. I took mine to a local machine shop and the guy was able to save it. Kept hundreds and hundreds of dollars in my pocket.

    You may not have to replace your #3 rod unless its bent. If the piston still moved freely in the cylinder the rod is most likely ok.

    Lastly I wouldnt replace all the pistons and rings unless you have to. Remember it takes a long time for the rings to set. If your first two cylinders and pistons are ok then leave them alone. Just replace the #3 with an oem piston replacement kit. rings, bearing, washers, etc.

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    So I got the case split. The rod for the #3 cylinder might be straight, but the bearings are gone. What is the best way to get a new rod and bearings installed. Who does this or do I need to buy an entire crank?

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