I got up at 0300hrs and left my house by 0400 for Virginia Beach. I only had a couple of hours this morning so I thought I would start early to look for some Cobia along the CB buoy line and then go 15 miles offshore to The Chesapeake Light Tower for some spades. I fished several sets of buoys using live eels but could not find a cobia today. I was the first one to the Tower but by the time I got in the water a couple other boats showed up. The visibility was decent at about twenty feet but all the Spadefish were below my sight so I had to go down to get them. There were plenty of them hanging right at around twenty five feet. I speared three that were 5-7 lbs and then got back on my jet ski and headed to Rudee Inlet. On the way in I saw a cool little Submarine from Brazil and a Tall Ship from Mexico. They were going into Hampton Roads for the Opsail 2012. I was back at the ramp by 0900 and then worked the rest of the day. Here are some pictures from this morning.