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    1997 sl1050 problem need help

    Hey Guys
    You helped me out a few years ago with my 1050 long story short. I got the ski and it would run great for like for a few min then go into limp mode. Engine was cool no overheating, so someone suggested to unplugging the gauge and grey wire. After unplugging grey wire ski ran great. However then I fussed with the mixture and leaned it out by accident. ( Thought I was adjusting the throttle cable.) Well rebuilt the engine got perfect compression and got a set of brand new carburetors and just getting back to the project now after a few years. Also did away with oil pump now running premix. I remember someone saying if unplugging the grey wire works let them know what else I would have to fix because it was a quick fix not the correct fix.

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    Unplugging the grey wire is ok as long as you have a working MFD to warn you of any issues.

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