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    GPR Broken Exhaust Bracket Bolt

    I have an 01 GPR that I'm finally getting around to putting a d-plate in and while removing the exhaust, had the bolt that goes into the #2 block break off. I'm assuming that with the weight of the pipe, running it with only one bolt would be a bad idea. Since I'm going to be taking the head off and will have the block out, I have a couple of questions.

    Is there anything I should do to the engine while I have it apart, rings, etc. (over 200 hours - keeping it as stock as possible)?

    Can i just swap the front block with the middle or should I just take it to a machinist to have the broken bolt removed?


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    You can drill it out and re-tap the hole or have a machine shop do it.. No biggie.. You can purchase new bolts thru online parts houses or even here in the classifieds.. As far as the engine, I would definitely check the condition of the nikasil on the cylinders and re-ring while you are in there..

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