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Thread: Whats it worth?

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    Whats it worth?

    So, if I buy a SBT premium engine with 2 year warranty and install it in my ski, what would I be able to sell the ski for.

    I have a 2000 Yamaha XL Ltd. The ski istself is in great shape with only 100hrs and has been graraged kept.

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    I'd part it out man. No use putting more money and time into something just to turn around and sell it. Plus SBT has a bad rep, whether its true or not I cant say, but from what I've read most people would want to steer clear of it if they did their homework.

    But to answer your question....I think you'd lose money but you may possibly break even. I could be wrong though....You could find a gullible buyer. I'd say a 11-12 yld ski that had a blown motor and a questionable quality one put it sounds like a $2500-3000 basket case. Look on ebay to see what the skis are going for. Then see what the prices of used parts are going for.

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