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    prolongation of the head

    Good day!
    Collecting motor stretched the engine head and lost consciousness, his head ached wildly. in general, when he came to consciousness, I do not remember, gave a full head
    It seems like all stretched out, but I do not remember that advise?
    In general, I always held out as the head
    The question of whether or not to deform the head in the engine when it is stretched unevenly?

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    I love Egor's posts.

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    Stretching the head is best left up to the ladies

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    Sounds like a loosely translated russian nursery rhyme

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    Losing consciousness, and not quite remembering, but knowing you gave head, is not a good thing unless you are a female. Maybe bath salts were involved?

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    Sorry for the transfer. When I installed the head of the engine, at a time when tightening the head, I passed out! a headache for three days before it happened. after regaining consciousness, I do not remember if I tightened every bolt with the right effort.

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    I think he means that he doesn't remember if he tightened all the head bolts or not.
    Can he deform the head if only some of the bolts were tightened?

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    Yes, thank you!

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