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    RXT-X 260 Motor Hesitation

    Hey Guys,

    I have a 2010 RXT-X 260. I'm getting some motor hesitation at low speeds and off the start. It's like power comes and goes several times before it smooths out. It only happens when the Ski is just started or has been ideling awhile. Any ideas?

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    Water in intercooler, spark plugs. You get max rpm?

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    No, RPM's are only hitting 7820. Top speed is good at 72 (I have a stage 1 kit) but off the line it feels sluggish.

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    If you haven't tried changing plugs, do that first. I would also take the outlet hose of the intercooler, move the hose aside from the outlet(make sure nothing get sucked into the hose) rev the ski a bit on the garden hose, see if water sprays out. If water sprays of of the intercooler, pressure test it. Was it the 2010 that had a recall on the timing chain?

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    Have you changed the spark plugs? I have seen them 'look fine" but not work for crap. I change mine every spring, they are cheap.
    Old gas? Did you fog over the winter?
    CHeck SC slip, check all hose clamps for boost leaks.
    If still stock ECU you should be right at 8000-8040 rpm.

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