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    Flooded Bilge 2001 Virage

    I left the Virage in the water overnight and the next day the bilge was full of water. It was about 2-3 inches above the battery. The bilge pump didn't work so I bailed it out. Now the machine won't start.
    It turns over, the instrument panel lights up, and I can see fuel spray into the carb when a squeeze the throttle. I tried squirting carb cleaner directly into the carb but it still doesn't pop.
    I don't need to get it running perfectly, just enough to get it to the boat ramp so I can pull it out and work on it properly.
    Any ideas? (Other than getting a tow.)

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    Well, the electrical box is in bad shape. There's lots of slime and corrosion. One of the posts that holds one of the fuses broke off. I'm going to clean it up and try to repair the fuse post and give it a try.

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    You may be able to purchase a new (or good used) electrical/terminal board. Once you have heavy corrosion it is hard to make the board reliable again. I suggest replacing the coroded board with a known good board.

    An entire replacement (used) electrical box may not be expensive. Then you will multiple spare parts on hand, which can be useful later on.

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    Thanks K447.
    I tried battery terminal cleaner, soap and water, contact cleaner then I sprayed a light coat of WD40. It's still ugly. One of the fuse holders broke off. I'm going to try starting it in the morning and see what happens.
    It makes me mad because this was the first time I had it in the water this season and it was starting easily and running great. I'm afraid I've just opened the door for problems now.
    I would like to replace the box. Do you know of a used parts good dealer or should I take a chance on ebay? (I didn't have a good experience last time I bought parts on ebay.)

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    I still couldn't get it started or Get a spark. Could the water have shorted out the controller or the coil? The battery is charging tonight. I'll try some more diagnostics tomorrow.

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    I really need some help here.
    The connections in the box all seem to be good. The battery is charged. I went through the Electrical Diagnostic in "Tips and Info". I'm getting 6.5-7 volts from the brown wire leaving the CDI when I crank the engine but I'm not getting a spark. The thread said if I have 7-9 volts leaving the CDI through the brown wire but no spark, it's probably a bad stator. I didn't try the 9-volt battery test. I'll probably try it tomorrow. Is there any way I can confirm the stator is the problem? Would the stator fail because too much water got in the bilge?
    I pulled the box and cleaned it up a little more. All the connections outside the box looked good when I disconnected them.
    Are there any tests I can do on the on the coil and CDI while I have them out?
    I've never been a fan of the "swap and hope" repair method but it makes sense if the box was under water, that's where the problem is.
    I intend to replace the terminal board. A new coil is $72; a new controller is $245. A stator is $225 and I would imagine is a pain to replace. That's a little over $600 and I still don't know if it will fix the problem.
    I found a used electrical box on ebay for $200 that looks like it has everything in it but I'm leery of used electrical parts (how do you know they are good).
    Should I just spend the $200 on the used electrical box on ebay and hope?
    Go with the ebay box and a new stator?
    Just try a new stator?
    Go with new everything?
    Is there any thing I'm missing? Connections are good, battery is charged, right at 7 volts leaving the CDI, no spark -- was running great before the bilge flooded.

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