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    Should I buy a 2002 GTX D.I.

    I have come across a 2002 GTX D.I. for 3000$ with trailer and cover. The ski has 160 hours on it. I am going to go look at it tomorrow along with a lake test run. I've owned a 2001 GTX D.I. and the oil pump stopped and we didn't know due to our gauge cluster and beeper not working. So I broke it apart all the way down to the crank shaft in two days to find it was a cracked piston and had to buy a new engine. I plan on disconnecting the oil pump and just mixing straight. Would that be ok or not. Secondly, what are your thoughts on the overall deal. I know D.I.'s get bad reps but I've had great luck with my '01.

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    Welcome to Greenhulk!

    A number of points:

    1. $3000 is a really high price for a 2002 GTX DI, but you didn't mention where you are located.

    2. A 2002 GTX DI is a quandary anyway. While it has the new version of the DI engine, which is much better than the 2000-2001 version, the 2002 hull is way bigger than the 2001 hull, so it is much slower and stresses the engine more. (I personally think that a 2002+ DI engine in the 2001 hull would be the ideal DI ski...) The 2002 hull became the standard 3 seater hull for the 4-TEC versions, and the more powerful 4-TEC engine is a good match for the hull, but the weaker DI engine was not a good fit.

    3. You CANNOT premix a DI ski! You must use the oil injection. Since the DI injects the fuel only in the cylinder, there will be no lube at all going to the crank bearings and cylinder walls if you remove the oil pump and use premix. And the oil/fuel mixture will gum up the injectors, too.

    You are right that the DI skis get a bad rap. They are great skis when they are running right. If I were you I would stick to a 2001 model if you want a 3 seater DI. If you want the bigger 2002 hull, get a 4-TEC version, which you should be able to buy with not too much more cash.

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    I second Sea Dood. It is a great ski (I have one) but at 160 you are on borrowed time with the engine. $3,000 is too much and with the heavier hull you need to be happy with 51-52mph tops.

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