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    2004 rxp blk/green stage 1 and half

    just picked up a 12rxpx as well as a 12 rxtx as260. Not gonna be using the green monster much anymore. I love the new hull. Ok heres the deal; 04 rxp blk green all chrome blacked out,x charger about 35 hours ago,15/20 opas block off riva cold air intake(under seat sounds sick) riva thru-hullexhaust rrfpr riva cold thermostat I just put on a new ride plate(stock)and a new intake grate(stock)2 hours ago and all and all the ski runs like a raped ape. I am turning 8160 rpm at about 74.4 The guage says 277 hours now and I just put in a new battery last week. Like I said, the only reason why I am selling it is because I got 2 new skis and now I have 4. I am not gonna be riding this ski much anymore. The ski is in Merrick on Long island and I do NOT have a trailer for it. I am looking to get 5k for it. If anybody is interested you can call me on my cell. 516 852 3950-Kevin...

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    better yet If anybody on Long Island wants to meet me in Merrik and take it for a ride as well as take the 12 rxpx for a blast let me know. The rxpx is parked right next to it. Let me know..That 04 runs like an animal.But I love the new hull and how nice it feels..

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    working on pictures. I would prefer to get somebody locally who wants to be on the water. Like I said;all in all the ski is good. I have been doing this game since 1979 and my 12 rxpx is my 27th ski and my 12rxtx as260 is number 28. I m reducing the price down to 4500 and thats it. Like I said;Meet me at the marina,bring some cash,we wil take out the 04 as well asthe 12 rxpx and will go for a ride as long as you want. If u like the ski its yours. Its a good ski that NEVER let me down. Sure its NOT new and has some shit here and there, but all in all its a good deal. pictures on the way.....

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    met up yesterday afternoon at the marina with a potential buyer. All I can say is that I will never let anybody ride that ski unless they dont know what it is.

    Met this guy at the marina and he shows up with his 10 year old boy ad his wife. I thought OK. Well I got on the 12x and told him to stay next to me and dont go to fast. Well, that did not last so long; I actually had alot of bad thoughts as to how much this guy has been on a PWC or better yet a fast rxp. I could just tell this guy did not know his stuff. He told me that he has the fastest Yamaha that was out in 1994(raider) and he jumps waves and stays out all day. I thoght,whats the worst that could happen. I could tell jst by how he was sitting on the ski that he did not know his stuff.

    So we both take off; We are cruising at 40,he is to my left,its high tide and we are the only ones on the water. Its smooth as glass and there is a nice calm breeze out of the east. So, what can go wrong!! Well captain idiot sees a big party boat pulling out of Freeport throwing a 3ft wake and decides to hit it at full speed while sitting all the way on the front of the seat. Well I saw him going for it and there was nothing I could do but watch this idiotbust hiss hole. Well,he hit that wake and all I can say is that in the 30 years that I have been on the water I never seen a fall like that. This guy(No bull) was 15 feet out of the water(his body) before he hit the water back first!!

    Bottom line: Nobody is gonna take that ski out for a ride unless you know what you are doing; I thought this guy was dead. If you are into the whole modded scene with a RXP;You know what 74.4 is on the water.
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    sorry to funny. good luck with the sale just to damn funny,,,, geeezzz

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    yea, there are alot of free-riders out there just looking for some fun on my tail. Yesterday I rode from Glencove(northshore)and headed around Manhattan with the 12rxtx as260. All I can say is that in the 28 skis I have owned in the past 30 years;I think I like the rxtx as260 the best. That thing rides amazing and is fast as hell. I raced the newest high outpt fzr-whatever,from yamaha on glass water and went by him no problem. I m selling the 04rxp because when that sk came out in 04 it was the new thing and I was not gonna buy anything else until they changed the hull. Well,through the years all they did was give it all types of colors and then in 08 thats when they made a little move with the x. I rode the 08x back when it first came out.I was impressed with the power of that thing but did not likethe whole planted,stuck,sucked down feeling the ski gave you. Thats when I rode my friend Carls modded 06 rxp doing about 77. I instantly fell in love with the power,speed,but most of all he feeling of that floatyness that ski gives off. Thats when I started modding my ski. I started off with a Riva racing cold air intake(I never ride in the ocean anyway) and then went with the opas block-off and then a 15/20 and then a riva thru-hull and then a rrfpr. Oh,I forgot,I also put in a bran-new 2010 X-charger. Now the ski was doing a solid 74 and feeling and sounding great. I would still see my friend Carl out there and we would race and he would pull away from me,but I did not want to go into any internals to get that extra 3mph. I do alot of long distance riding and I did not want to run into problems anywhere. Thats why I just replaced the Rideplate on the 04(What a pain in the ass)

    I also have a 063d di which I love. I use to race stand-ups back in the late 80"s and early 90"s and the 3d is still a blast to me. So as far as the 04 rxp goes;I just got a 12rxPx260 and all three skis are together at the marina. I LOVE the new hull and cant wait for some good mod stuff to come out from Riva. Like I said for the 5th time;I am only selling the 04 because everytime I go to the marina lately I am only getting on the new X. Whoever winds up with this ski is getting a good solid ski. Yea its got some scars here and there(Its 8 years old) But all in all it runs like a raped ape and for 4500 bucks you are out there with the best of them..

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    How much are you asking? Any pics? I saw a green rxp and a green rxpx in freeport on sunday, one with a loud charger, wonder if that was you. I may be interested, i have an 01 gp1200r and have been thinking of getting into a 4 stoke ski, but i love the gpr hull.

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    Ill be out tomorrow after work, around 6pm in freeport/merrick. Come out and say whats up, white and blue no stickers gpr with a big bald guy on it.

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    that was me and my cousin steven. we were at the nautical mile and just hung around local. It was lowtide and I hate riing in the channels. You must have seen the 12x as well. We were switching on and off. I will be going out later today after work. Give me a call if you want to meet up.

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