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    Trouble starting my 1989 sx 650

    Been having some trouble getting my 1989 sx 650 running this year. I can crank the engine after priming it and get absolutely nothing. When I pour a little more gas down the carb it will sputter once or twice and smoke. I hesitant to try starter fluid, as I've been told its tough on two strokes.

    -I have good spark on both cylinders, have correct plugs and gaps.

    -drained the tank and put in fresh fuel

    -compression is 130 on both cylinders

    -reeds are in good shape

    -fuel pump definitely works.

    -I tried changing the carb to a 38mm from my other ski with no effect, I also tried choking the engine.

    -battery appears good, 12.6 volts, drops to 10.8 while cranking. I've also tried the battery from my other ski.

    -The only thing I did over the winter was to solder in quick connect terminal on the stator wire so it would be easier to remove the engine without having to take out the electrical box. I had good connectivity when I did it and i'm positive the right wires are connected to one another.

    -Kill switch is working, get no spark when the lanyard is not in place.

    -I will probably try to check the timing sometime this week

    If anyone has any other Ideas or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated, you guys always seem to know what to do on this forum.

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    Well, if it doesn't do anything until you put gas in the carbs, it sounds like it needs more fuel. You're right, starting fluid is hard on engines--ALL engines.

    How long since your ran it?

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    thanks for the reply, about 9 months since i ran it, im gonna try to rebuild the carb, the only thing that makes me think its not the carb is that I tried swapping out hte carbs with a known working one and it still didn't start.

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