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    RXP 2004 P0113 Inlet manifold temp sensor testing and location

    Hi all,

    2004 RXP showing P0113. Looking on other threads it states to check resistances at sensor. IF I am looking at the right sensor, just next to the stock intercooler, it only has one terminal and a single wire. Is this the right sensor? If so how do you check the resistance of it? From the one pin to the metal outer of the sensor?

    Thread I followed for the resistance is

    Sensor I think it is is
    12 420222427 Temperature Sensor 1

    Am I in the right place? Don't understand how it works with one wire!!!!

    Any help is great.
    Thanks BVG

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    The temp sensor is the GREEN unit, located on the front corner of the intake manifold...It should have 2 wires going to it, not 1. Reason for that is the manifold is plastic, and does not conduct ground...

    There is another sensor, the oil pressure sensor, that is near the front of the motor (follow the oil fill tube down). The sensor is grounded to the block, so it should only have 1 wire.......

    The clips for both are the same. If you switched them around, you would get temp sensor code, but it would also go into limp mode because its not sensing oil pressure...

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