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    just wondering what brand and type of wetsuits you guys are all using also thickness? Tired of having two skis and the weather stopping me from going out on long rides on the the lake.

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    I have an O'Neill Reactor(?) full suit. Just an entry-level 3/2, so spring suit thickness, but works well for summer riding on the Sound. If I was riding on the Sound in winter, I'd probably get a heavier suit. Bought mine at Wiley's (, which has a lot of selection and seemed to have good prices. I'm sure there are other good stores around as well.

    In addition to the suit, I tend to wear neoprene socks underneath simple wrestling shoes (good flexibility, protects feets if standing on the bottom), and neoprene gloves. Also a balaclava or skull cap will do wonders in preventing an "ice cream headache" (wet head + windchill from high speed riding). I also carry a windbreaker that I can wear underneath my life jacket if it gets a bit colder.

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