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    found a 97 1100 3 seater. What should I look for?

    Like the title says, I found a 97, and the guy says it has only 13 hrs on it original. been in storage for years, he says it will start right up now. havnt seen in person. going to look at tomorrow. what should I look for?. He wants 2500 and it comes with a 2 place trailer. Thanks guys

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    a manual

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    thanks for that

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    11 hours? It might be worth the price if it looks perfect and it runs. The double trailer is certainly worth a few hundred more than a single trailer.

    It's very likely, almost a given, that you'll have to drain and flush the fuel system and overhaul the carbs. Sitting that long, there's a chance that the crank bearings may have started to rust if it wasn't fogged prior to storage. You'll also need to replace the oil lines, as they're probably brittle and cracked by now.

    I'd run a compression test and make sure the electronic display works, they're expensive. If you buy it, remove the display and seal the rubber plug on the back with 3M 5200. When it gets old, the plug will leak water if you flip it and ruin the display.

    If you buy it, I would certainly do the fuel system and oil lines before riding it. If you try to ride it, I have no doubt that it will run lean and it could burn up the engine.

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