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    Love my Seadoo so much I wanna get another!

    I'm in the market for another RX, mine's been really good and I love the ride. I'm in Ontario where unfortunately everything here goes for about $1000 more then it does in the states. I found another 2000 RX but this one is a DI. Buddy blew it up a couple years ago and just had the whole engine rebuilt, replaced the trim motor and replaced the seat cover all at a Seadoo dealer which I'm very familiar with (know the owner personally). The info centre show's 190 hours on the machine and the asking price is $2500 without a trailer. I'm seriously considering this deal since it also comes with a cover, and I've seen the rebuild bills myself (almost $4000). I wanna be able to buy this machine, maybe ride it for a year or 2 and sell it and make some money. If I can get the machine for $2000, think I could make some money off of it in a couple years? I paid $3400 for my carbed RX from a dealer


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    If you get it for $2,000 you might make a couple hundred bucks. I would buy it if you want it not as a flip.

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