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    Brake and turn over?

    So, spent about 14 hours at the lake yesterday. At one point I had one of the gals riding with me and I put the brake on at about 35 mph. I've done this before no problem, but this time, it swerved to the left almost turning over tossing both of us. During that time the steering was straight WTH?

    Then the more significant issue. I was going back to shore at about 40 mph, let off the throttle and hit the brake. Nothing. Kept going straight (I wasn't trying to turn, but stop) almost crashing into some brush. Okay, sorta actually did a little.

    Turning is definitely not like my SHO, I am going to have to get some sponsons I guess.

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    First of all - hope no one got hurt.

    Second, you better check your pump bolts and make sure they are ALL secure, sounds like the pump and or iBr gate is out of alignment or loose!!! It is not uncommon for the pump bolts or iBr rigging bolts to come out completely.

    Additionally, when using the iBr system you can NOT turn, it is NOT designed to turn the ski while braking. It is just like thrust reversers on commercial aircraft - it simply redirects the water flow to slow down. Think about it, when the iBr gate is down - BRAKING, the steering nozzle is completely blocked by the gate which is redirecting water - how can you expect to turn the ski?????

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