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    Question ultra lx getting slower and slower... is it the keel guard?

    My pops has a 2011 ultra lx. He recently put the keel guard on it. Yesterday he was only doing a top speed of 53. He says he was putting 57 up on the speedo last season. The ski has under 20 hrs on it. I understand the keel guard could slow a ski down a bit, but could it realy rob that much top speed from his ski?

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    Speed o meter....aka dream o meters are know to be erratic...only true way to check speed is with a GPS..........could be slowing it down, also could be making water flow different over the speed o pick up.......

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    It could be interfering with flow into the pump.

    Why do you need a Keel Guard? Anchor it out away from the shore so it doesn't get beat up and doesn't get trash in the pump.

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