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    Yamaha gp1200 wont accelerate?

    Hey everyone,

    I've had a yamaha gp1200 for a few years now and this season it wont accelerate past 18mph. The rpms wont pass like 3k either. Engine looks good(took the head off inspected the pistons) and holds compression. I don't know much about PWC but i think its a carb issue(clogged screen?). We had similar issues in the past and had them rebuilt by a marina for a crazy price.

    I have a few questions about the shopping list I put together..

    Yamaha D Plate Cat Remove Chip Xl Gp Xlt 1200 R $69.95
    GP1200R/XLL/XLT FILTER KIT,66V $239.95
    Carburetor, 44mm Mikuni Super BN R-Type - Three $599.85
    OIL PUMP BLOCKOFF, 8/11/1200 $14.95
    FUEL FILTER, OE SPEC, 1/4"" $15.95
    Spark Plug, NGK three $14.85

    My plan is to convert into a oil mix setup, get rid of the cat, change plugs and fuel filter, add flame arrestors, and put three new carbs in.

    Are the Hi-Performance Mikuni 44mm Super BN R-Type Carburetor's ready to install? Are they complete for $199 ea?

    "R-Type" models are race equipped, choke body is removed, jetting and pop-off pressure is set for competition use."
    Does this mean I can install them as is with the mods I plan to install? Am I better off rebuilding the stock ones?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The carbs are not the correct ones for this ski. You are better off finding a used OEM set, that has been rejetted for the filters you want to add.
    read this regarding the carbs and upgrading to aftermarket Flame Arrestors (filters)
    If you are interested contact me regarding the carbs I have some and would also like to know what is wrong with yours.

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