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    PLEASE HELP (i need to change oil in my honda aqutrax r12x and fx 140)

    I am novice and I need to change oil on my honda and yamaha.
    you Mr. are experts in the field need your help. the truth I have just purchased these jet skis and I can not change the oil and antifreeze (unknown to me) and need tips are helpful for durability in the jet skis no need to carry the dealer. I would like to explain to me. step by step what to do, (I need, how many liters of oil, which tool I need) but I'm more interested in changing motor oil and antifreeze. Thanks for your attention and time thank you very much

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    Tons of oil change info here. Just "search" oil change.

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    buy an oil extractor.

    do NOT overfill the yamaha easy to do if you read the owner manual.

    use the search. Plenty of info.advice.

    buy the proper size cup wrench for your honda oil filter.

    dispose of waste products with care

    avoid getting used motor oil on your skin.

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    As far as changing the antifreeze, I probably wouldn't worry about it since well... there isn't any.

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