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    1200 crank shaft

    How do you get the flange coupling off the crank shaft?

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    If the engine is still together the only way I think you can get it off is with a coupler removal tool and a 1/2 inch impact. Otherwise you have to hold the flywheel end somehow. The coupler tool is fairly cheap online.

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    are the threads standard or left handed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtb275 View Post
    are the threads standard or left handed?
    standard threads.

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    thank you

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    If the motors still together do the good old rope trick down the spark plug hole. Just make sure it doesn't go into the exhaust port. Then a big bar in the coupler and pull real hard. Heat will make it easier if it doesn't come without any

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    I used a mallet and a flat pry bar about 2ft long.. place the flat pry bar between the coupling "teeth" and smack the upper end of the pry bar with the hammer.. after you put a rope in the cylinder of course.. 2 good smacks and my coupler practically spun itself off..

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    I got it off. It was out of the engine, so I strapped the crank down so it couldn't be moved and used a long metal pipe in between the teeth of the coupler and it came right off.

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    For the next person who stumbles upon this post...

    I did the rope trick and then put a harbor freight chain wrench around it with a socket wrench and my floor jack handle to raise the torque ratio.

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