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Thread: 96 XP Parts WTB

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    96 XP Parts WTB

    I am looking to buy the following parts: Novi carbs with intake, any kind of magnum pump, factory II spec pipe, pump extension, and water injection, or any other kind of race items for a 96 XP with 800 motor. Thanks

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    I have a rossier pipe with water injection, water box modified and a complete engine, the previous owner told me rossier engeneering did the motor. I am sure its a newer 787 its silver rather than white. It runs good. I bought the machine 3 weeks ago and it seems to take in alot of water. I rode it for 20 minutes and it ran like a bat out of hell. It will blow the doors off my 98 xp l with a grop k sleeper kit! pm me if interested

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    I've the following, Buck shot carbs(either 48or 50mm can't remember) almost new, R&d race gas head, A brand NEW coffman's Signature Series" Seadoo 800 Race Exhaust pipe with water injection(in the box) factory speck 2 pipe, 945R fully built motor race motor triple port, and lots more. Too many parts in my HEAD, two stroke, four stroke, too many strokes<lol
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    I have a jet dynamics ride plate for the x4 hull.

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