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    NEWA Region 8, Round 1&2, Press Release

    NorthEast Watercraft Alliance Completes First 2012 Event

    The NorthEast Watercraft Alliance (NEWA) has just completed our first event June 2 and 3, 2012. With a 69% increase in participants and an accident free weekend, closed course racing in our region is shaping up for a very successful season.

    The event was held at Kingston Point Beach, in Kingston, New York. Friends, families, and fans all showed up to put on an exciting show. The biggest class of the weekend was Sport Spec with 14 on the line Saturday. With so many participants, there were ample opportunities for racers to mix it up. DJ Kelly rode his Spec equipped Sea-Doo HX to victory both days, with stiff competition from the entire class. With excellent homologation rules, and a very inexpensive cost to compete, Sport Spec has proven once again that enjoyable hardcore racing is within reach for the average enthusiast.

    The newer Runabout riders also made a good showing at this event. Both Novice Runabout Open and Pro/Am Runabout 800 Open had great turnouts. Gordon Horne of Toronto, Canada made the long trip down to tear up the Novice R/A Open class with his RXPX, with Victor Nolan’s FZR hot on his heels. George Hanaman made a great run against the 4 strokes aboard his Open modified GPR, however suffered a broken crank snout resulting in a last place finish. R/A 800 riders competed fiercely, with Rick Maj taking first place overall, and rookie Angelo Dipaolo’s Sea-Doo GTi taking third, is his first race ever!

    Ski riders continued to deliver some of the best racing of the weekend, as they always do. With exceptionally large turnouts both days, spectators were treated to every element of heated closed course competition. Ski racing was as intense as it is at the National races with Vincent DeVito giving us a great show. He, along with Joe Pierpoint, and over a dozen others battled it out on the right-hand course for domination of the Hudson River “Brickyard“.

    We would especially like to honor and thank the juniors who competed this weekend. Vincent DeVito Jr., Nicole Beers, and Chase Filasky rode their hearts out and took home some awards to show off to their families and friends! We look forward to increased youth participation, and encourage all the young rookies to come on out to see what fun this sport can be.
    Here are the complete results from the weekend:

    June 2, 2012 June 3, 2012
    Pro/Am R/A 800 Open Pro/Am R/A 800 Open
    1. Rick Maj 1. Jeff Amico
    2. Matt Ferraro 2. Joe Ferraro
    3. Angelo DiPaolo 3. Angelo DiPaolo
    4. Jeff Amico 4. Joe Lesniak
    5. Joe Lesniak

    Sport Spec Sport Spec
    1. DJ Kelly 1. DJ Kelly
    2. Kevin O’Flaherty 2. #27
    3. Wayne Ordon 3. Bill Beers Jr.
    4. Jim Dwyer 4. Scott Fiorino
    5. Scott Fiorino 5. Nicole Beers
    6. Joe Lesniak 6. Jody Warman
    7. Rob Zahurak 7. TJ Stinson
    8. Jody Warman 8. Tony Coursen
    9. David Nicol 9. Kevin O’Flaherty
    10. Lacey Ryan 10. Joe Lesniak
    11. TJ Stinson 11. Wayne Ordon
    12. Tony Coursen

    Novice R/A Open Novice R/A Open
    1. Gordon Horne 1. Jeff Amico
    2. Vic Nolan 2. Gordon Horne
    3. Jeff Amico
    4. Mike Ewaschuke
    5. George Hanaman

    Pro/Am Ski Stock Spec Pro/Am Ski Stock Spec
    1. Joe Pierpoint 1. Vincent DeVito Jr.
    2. Vincent DeVito Jr. 2. Justin Laczynski
    3. Sean Sweeney 3. Joe Pierpoint
    4. Justin Laczynski 4. Rick Maj
    5. Robert Zahurak 5. Wayne Myers
    6. Wayne Myers 6. Chase Filasky
    7. Jan DeGuire 7. Justin Cooperman
    8. Justin Cooperman 8. Matt Vitrano
    9. Chase Filasky 9. Matt Ferraro
    10. Anthony Coursen 10. Tony Coursen
    11. Matt Vitrano 11. Vic Nolan
    12. Sean Sweeney
    13. Karen Chin
    14. Jan McGuire

    X2 Open X2 Open
    1. Jody Warman 1. Jody Warman
    2. Matt Adalian 2. Matt Adalian

    Pro/Am Sport Open Pro/Am Sport Open
    1. DJ Kelly 1. Wayne Ordon
    2. Wayne Ordon 2. Bill Beers
    3. Bill Beers 3. Justin Laczynski
    4. Vincent DeVito
    5. Kevin O’Flaherty
    6. Justin Laczynski

    Pro/Am Ski Open Ski Open
    1. Steve Russo 1. Scott McEachern
    2. Scott McEachern 2. Billy Beers
    3. Fred Filasky 3. Fred Filasky
    4. Justin Laczynski
    5. Karen Chin
    6. Bill Beers

    The next NEWA event is scheduled for July 14/15, 2012 Driftwood Park Marina on The Great Sacandaga Lake, in Mayfield, NY. Also known as “Wally World” on the Glake, Driftwood Marine is the perfect spot for a PWC race. With 3000 feet of unbelievable beach front, and Wally’s Tavern on site, all competitors and attendees are guaranteed to have an excellent time. The address is as follows:

    Driftwood Park Marine
    534 Vandenburg Point Rd.
    Mayfield NY 12117

    NEWA was formed to recreate the environment of grass roots competition at the local level. By enabling new and veteran racers to compete on tour-style closed courses, the enjoyment of racing is able to be rekindled or sparked anew. Watercraft racing provides enthusiasts a competitive experience like no other end use can. Composed of members of the Adirondack Jetski Club, we at NEWA are a group of enthusiasts, serious racers, old schoolers, and everyone in between. It is our mission to provide PWC owners opportunities to enjoy their machines in ways they may not otherwise be able to. Please check out and join in the fun!

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    Sorry about the results spacing, the editor killed all the tabs and such.

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