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    Need Help with a polaris SL 750 issue

    ok.. I have a 1994 Polaris SL 750. Im having an issue with power problems. When I accelerate it accelerates slowly to only about half speed. When I run it at half speed for a minute or two it will then shoot into fullspeed without warning. for about a minute it will run great at full speed then bog back down to half speed. I noticed number 2 cylender was cold yesterday so I pulled the plugs and replaced them. All are firing properly now. I have noticed when riding I pull up the choke knob about a half inch and it rides like its brand new. So obviously Im thinking its a carb or fuel system problem... or possibly something with the choke cable. a little background on the wave runner. it has only been out once a summer for the past 2 years.. im now ready to use it more so im guessing something might be gummed up but not sure. its an old runner, but overall it only has about 90-100 hours on it and has been well taken care of(except the lack of use in the past few years). any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Definitely address the fuel system upgrades. Sounds like you have a fuel delivery issue, if using the choke helps the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    Definitely address the fuel system upgrades. Sounds like you have a fuel delivery issue, if using the choke helps the problem.
    And do it BEFORE you continue to run. If you are running lean, it will burn a piston, only a matter of time.....

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    go through the fuel system COMPLETELY. new fuel lines, fuel select switch, rebuild the carbs, and do the triple outlet pump upgrade.

    we have all needed parts here, in stock.

    do some searching, you will find all info you need, here in the polaris forums.

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    +1 on the fuel system work.

    Do it now before something expensive goes wrong. This forum has seen hundreds of new members with similar stories;
    They kept riding it despite the engine running poorly and never servicing the carbs or fuel system, until one day a piston melts.

    You have been lucky so far, it would seem.

    See my signature links for more info and maintenance tips.

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