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    SLT 780 rebuild complete - thanks to all

    Well thanks to all of you who helped along the way. I had bored the center cylinder one size larger plus new piston, new rings, rebuilt carbs, fuel pump, new fuel lines, honed other 2 cylinder, oil block off, bypass bad fuel selector switch, new gaskets, new plugs, and set the carb settings to stock....

    put it on the water today, and man oh man...... it was actually my second time on a pwc and i loved it. Ran perfect i thought, with no hiccups or bogs, and if the speedo is right i was about 47mph, forgot how many rpms. I bought a small boat last week and i told my wife if she "let me" get a boat, i'd sell the jet ski...... but after finally riding it, i don't want to sell it I guess i am worried that many of the other polaris problems could happen next, crank problems, stator, and other things that would leave me pulling the motor (which i just wouldnt' do, i'd part it out at that point).... so now i have a couple questions:

    1) can you replace a stator with the motor still in the hull?

    2) What is a good price to ask (spring time) for this ski in great running condition complete (at least i think i would call it complete) top end rebuild and then some?? of course this is all if the wife really makes a big deal and it really has to go..... IF.... IF..... IF .....

    3) after about an hour of use, when i got home there was about 1 gallon of water inside the hull..... is this normal or should it stay bone dry. I didn't do any crazy mauevers and didn't get too wet.

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    Why is everyone so afraid to pull a motor?????? Its way easier to do than you think. Pull the carbs, pipe, jet pump, disconnect the stator harness from the box, take off the 4 nuts on the mounts and lift it out. If I ever have any serious motor work to do, out it comes. A bench is a much easier place to work on them, as well as a much cleaner environment for a disassembled engine to be worked on. If I were you I would not sell it. You will never get back what you put into it, figuring your time and effort. A 96 SLT 780 would be somewhere around 1500 bucks I think.

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    Great to hear your ski is running good. Sure is a good feeling, isn't it?

    It sounds like you took care of the main Polaris Achilles heal... the fueling system. Now that it's running well... as long as you take care of it, keep up on general maintenance and properly winterize it... and don't see why you should worry about future issues.

    1. It is possible to pull the flywheel to get to the stator with the engine in the hull... but I would never do it. Way to easy to pull the motor and do it on the bench. It requires removing the fuel tanks and coming at the front of the engine through the storage bin hatch. No fun. That said... I don't worry about my stators going bad. As long as I don't short the metal electrical box to the positive battery terminal (always use the battery top cover) which melts the ground wire to the stator.

    2. Good asking prices on jet skis really varies around the country. Around my parts... and nice shape SLT 780 with a rebuilt engine would go for around $1500-2000+ with no trailer.

    3. All my skis do take on a little water, but the siphon bilges always suck it back out. Common leak area is the through-hull-bearing/seal-carrier. Sits just behind the engine/driveshaft coupler... the ds goes through it out to the jet pump. It has 2 seals that wear out and lets water into the hull. It can be rebuilt, so check that for a leak. But also check your siphon bilge tubes (thick clear looking tubes). Make sure the end with the screen is clear and that you can blow threw them and hear air (or bubbles if in the water) hiss out at the jet pump (thus they are not clogged). They also have a very small hole at the plastic 90degree connector inside the hull. Make sure this little hole is open... and they should work well to suck out any water when the engine/jet pump is running.


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