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    GTX Limited 215 - will this setup work good?

    Trying to keep it somewhat simple and have done a lot of searches but can't quite get all the info confirmed...

    I would like to do the following:
    • X Charger & 42 lb injectors -- If I buy from Greenhulk, is the charger just a bolt on, I don't have to set the slip etc?
    • 4" air intake of some sort (Fizzle perhaps?)
    • Prop -- should I go with Skat 13/18 or a Solas 14/19? Someone help me out in this department with above mods (X charger/air intake/42 lb inj). Will my rpm's be ok?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Have a read of this thread>>
    mac-man-luke has been modding his 08 gtx limited 215, good info and pics!!!!

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    Yes, thanks, i have gotten some good insight from him as well!

    Should I go with the 14/19R Solas prop with the X charger, 42's, and air intake? (vs a 15/20)

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    Ok guys, took the ski out one last time before the mods begin--just to make sure everything is running correctly since my water ingestion incident Anyway, all seems to be well. It was 90+ degrees out, water temp I believe was 87. Anyway, ran a best of 66.4 mph on the Garmin GPS. RPM's were around 7900-7940 (with half tank of gas). Does this sound right?

    Parts just arrived today, at the advice of Jerry: X Charger, 42# injectors, Fizzle 4" air intake, and Solas 15/20R prop. Now, more questions-- Do I need a 2 degree pump wedge? Seems like the nose is already up out of the water, but I'm not sure how it really needs to be. Also, will an R&D intake grate be worthwhile if I already hook up good out of the hole?

    Here is a clip where you should be able to see how the front end looks at wide open throttle:

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    You need to change the intake grate, R and D and forget the pump wedge.

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