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    New Mikuni Triple Fuel Pump

    Just got my Triple pump for my sl 650.

    1 I read that it should be mounted below the engine pulse fitting. That means it has to be almost on the bottom of the hull.. Is that correct?
    2. Is the center raised "input" the pulse and the input along the side with the 3 outputs the fuel input?
    3. My '93 had no restrictor valve in the return line, but the return hole at the backside of the carb next to the fuel input is very small..appears to be a restrictor there in each carb? Is that correct?
    4. Any carbs changes necessary with the new pump?

    Any help will be appreciated!

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    1. You read wrong. Fuel pump should be above the pulse nipple so any liquid in the pulse hose flows back into the engine.

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    2. The center raised is for the pulse. The other 4 nipples have arrows to indicate in or out.
    3. The restrictor installed factory with later skis was in addition to the "restrictor" built into the carbs. The 780 carbs have a restrictor built into the return nipple in addition to the internal restrictor on each carb. I would add one just to help ensure proper pressure at the carbs.
    4. Should not need to make any carb setting changes.

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    Thank you. As I get close to firing it up after my rebuild and re-paint, I am reading everything on the forum to try and catch anything that I may have missed. I spent a long time reading one where a guy had a problem with his ski cutting out after 15 min. and folks were saying that his clear fuel lines might be collapsing so I thought "great" just re-did my whole fuel system and now they say it's wrong! Fortunately it turned out to be something else. I know it's a lot better than when I bought it! Thanx for your help!!!

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